Maid of Honor..that's always my role every time there's a wedding in my family members, cousins and friends. Well, I get use to it! but hey..I want my turn next time so please...hehehe(lol)
I was get to used everytime the priest says: Do you take this man to be your lawful husband, in sickness, and in health, till death do you part???...ahhhh "yes i do!"... :)
How I really wish its my turn next time to say " I do ",with the man i really love and wanna be with forever and ever ever ending (lol ) :P
I already meet the man that completes me in many ways, he always gives me tender and warm feelings, with abundant SMILE and happy will you explained it?? hmmm cause I can't..and I want him to be with me forever and together as we say  "I DO".
We have our plans already..excited...:) I really hope and pray that things will be okay and GOD will continue guide us and BLESS us in many ways.
Dear Lord,
Please help us to unite in Your name, Bless us and guide us, gives us good health, physically,mentally and emotionally. Shower us with lots of grace,and more more love to start on our own family together with you Lord. Amen. :)

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