Getting to know the writer

Guindulman Jagna Bohol

the City of Golden friendship "Philippines"

Parents and relatives are from "Bohol"
Partner /Husband from "Victoria Australia"
Degree: BS in Computer Engineering
               MT (Medical Transcription)
               Gen. Sewing and design

Love to have many friends, can go along with different people on their different walks of life. Love's to cook and travel..well, soon in my partner country! :). A music lover "grows old with you by: Adam Sandler" kinda love it! lol plus a lot to mention wont have enough page then! (wink),internet-holic yep ;) ;  got my stuff bear collections internationally well, have to make my room like a farmville; doesnt smoke nor drink; kfc chicken lover! wow..I eat anything as long as yummy! (hmmm); soon to be a mother (happy with it!).
Likes to live in a peaceful environment, prefers to be country side than in the City, loves to do things on my own and love to discover new things haven't discover yet! and a good daughter of GOD.
I love my family, my "dennis"(husband) and my incoming baby :), they are the most important people in my life.
I like my stuff's well many of them hehehe and I love my HP lappy who keeps me up surfing on details and news.
I like business trades and stuff..well, hopefully can make my own business someday, need to strive hard for money! lol :)
Have a very bless day and enjoy.