It was a festive afternoon for us to have sweet dish at the table together with my sister jovie and judy. Actually it's judy's house-hold turn, so all her groupie from SFC(CFC) are invited at home. We simply had this menu good for budget too :), cooked about 5 dishes but I wanna share you on how to do maja blanca so here's how to do it!

Maja blanca recipe

2 cups cornstarch flour
8 cups coconut milk
2 cups sugar
1 can sweet corn kernel
1 can condense milk
grated cheese

Combine all ingredients first except for the grated cheese and peanuts, after a great mixture boil it on fire but still constantly stir it up until it turns to thick, slowly lower down the fire to prevent burning, and add the grated cheese. If you feel that it's the totally thick mixture then it's cook. Place on a large bowl or on a desired design plate, top with peanuts, let it cool and serve.

It is really yummy try it guys!
I also cooked sweet rice(biko) but I know most of you here specially filipina knows how to do it :) ,so I'll leave it up to you !:)

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