Only children love fairy tale, isn't it true?, isn't it real? or does it exist...surely a lot people gives different answer on whatever comes up on their mind. Even old and teenagers people do believe in a fairy tale love do I ?, yes and I'm one of them! :)
I could say that life really is full of surprises, full of happenings that even us couldn't believe the impact it takes to our lives,and all we can do is to accept it with arms wide open.
My version of fairy tale is a love fairy tale that truly exist and witness by friends and families. I have two lucky close friends that I can say their love story is like a fairy tale and is Cinderella strike again! hehehe :P. showing image below is my close friend Bebs with her husband-to-be Rob. Bebs love story is definitely a fairy tale that you don't expect to happened and yet it is happening :).


Another story is my friend Vangie from Canada and her story is like a Cinderella know Cindrella..hehehe, she is very happy in life now and I'm so happy for them too.
So to all the ladies out there don't loose hope because who knows one day your knight and shinning prince charming will knock on your door and you should be ready for it!.

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