Cooking is one of my favorite pastime at home, by doing so it makes me enjoy more and explore more beyond my expertise.
For so many busy days of my life I never get tired of inventing and preparing dish whenever I like and mixes that I do. I simply enjoy watching you tube cooking show, Anthony Burdain travel and eating show!..ahem rather "travel and living show" :)

Well, as long as you enjoy what you do in the kitchen and don't afraid of doing so-called " disaster in the kitchen"..perhaps its fun! :)
Maid of Honor..that's always my role every time there's a wedding in my family members, cousins and friends. Well, I get use to it! but hey..I want my turn next time so please...hehehe(lol)
I was get to used everytime the priest says: Do you take this man to be your lawful husband, in sickness, and in health, till death do you part???...ahhhh "yes i do!"... :)
How I really wish its my turn next time to say " I do ",with the man i really love and wanna be with forever and ever ever ending (lol ) :P
I already meet the man that completes me in many ways, he always gives me tender and warm feelings, with abundant SMILE and happy will you explained it?? hmmm cause I can't..and I want him to be with me forever and together as we say  "I DO".
We have our plans already..excited...:) I really hope and pray that things will be okay and GOD will continue guide us and BLESS us in many ways.
Dear Lord,
Please help us to unite in Your name, Bless us and guide us, gives us good health, physically,mentally and emotionally. Shower us with lots of grace,and more more love to start on our own family together with you Lord. Amen. :)
It is very traditional to every Filipino to celebrate Christmas together with their bundle of families, relatives and friends. Having abundant food on the table, fruits which means all circles with 13 different types.
My family was used to that tradition even before when I was at my very young age, dancing and singing all the way, parties are everywhere, bonus and 13th month pay, so December is really a festive and a very wonderful month of the year. A picture of happy faces, happy moments to share and celebrate the incoming year to come. Fireworks? well, of course! it shouldn't be missed out..having some sparkles, fountains, twist fountain, triangle and many more. Around about 12 midnight all you can hear is the noise everywhere of fireworks and the sky delightful colors.
This is my most memorable year to celebrate Christmas and New Year, thinking that this coming another Christmas and New Year will be in my husband-to-be place..but yes! I miss it and will keep coming back for it. :)
It was a festive afternoon for us to have sweet dish at the table together with my sister jovie and judy. Actually it's judy's house-hold turn, so all her groupie from SFC(CFC) are invited at home. We simply had this menu good for budget too :), cooked about 5 dishes but I wanna share you on how to do maja blanca so here's how to do it!

Maja blanca recipe

2 cups cornstarch flour
8 cups coconut milk
2 cups sugar
1 can sweet corn kernel
1 can condense milk
grated cheese

Combine all ingredients first except for the grated cheese and peanuts, after a great mixture boil it on fire but still constantly stir it up until it turns to thick, slowly lower down the fire to prevent burning, and add the grated cheese. If you feel that it's the totally thick mixture then it's cook. Place on a large bowl or on a desired design plate, top with peanuts, let it cool and serve.

It is really yummy try it guys!
I also cooked sweet rice(biko) but I know most of you here specially filipina knows how to do it :) ,so I'll leave it up to you !:)

Only children love fairy tale, isn't it true?, isn't it real? or does it exist...surely a lot people gives different answer on whatever comes up on their mind. Even old and teenagers people do believe in a fairy tale love do I ?, yes and I'm one of them! :)
I could say that life really is full of surprises, full of happenings that even us couldn't believe the impact it takes to our lives,and all we can do is to accept it with arms wide open.
My version of fairy tale is a love fairy tale that truly exist and witness by friends and families. I have two lucky close friends that I can say their love story is like a fairy tale and is Cinderella strike again! hehehe :P. showing image below is my close friend Bebs with her husband-to-be Rob. Bebs love story is definitely a fairy tale that you don't expect to happened and yet it is happening :).


Another story is my friend Vangie from Canada and her story is like a Cinderella know Cindrella..hehehe, she is very happy in life now and I'm so happy for them too.
So to all the ladies out there don't loose hope because who knows one day your knight and shinning prince charming will knock on your door and you should be ready for it!.

It is a very devastating when forces of nature strikes! Typhoon "Ondoy" destroy many lives and crops during his stayed in Philippines for 3-days. It pours heavy rains which resulted floods on different areas in Luzon, resulted to bring big trauma to people, and left lives and works damaged. Death toll reached 240 people died and still 40 people are missing.

MANILA, Sept. 29 (Xinhua) -- Nearly two hundred thousand tons of paddy rice (palay) have been destroyed by tropical depression "Ondoy" (international code name: "Ketsana") as heavy rains flooded farmlands in Luzon, the Philippines, according to the Philippine a growing to floods and heavy rains that submerged 124,238 hectares of rice-growing areas, the Philippine agriculture department said.     Affected rice growing areas include the provinces of Laguna, Batangas Cavite, Rizal and Quezon in Southern Luzon; Cagayan Valley, Aurora and Bataan in northern Luzon; Aurora, Bataan; and Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales in central Luzon.

    The department also said that "Ondoy" destroyed 1,279 tons of corn and 1,571 tons of fruits and vegetables.

    It also estimated that as of Tuesday, the value of all crops damaged reached 3.2 billion pesos (about 67.4 million U.S. dollars).

A lot of people specially the victims asked for help as they lost their houses, lives and works.The government is doing specific on air helping donations in order to help those victims.


hen you think of life somewhere it's not easy, it gives us the puzzle we need to solve in order to win the game.
As being a breadwinner in the family I'm still striving for good now. My family is my only treasure aside from my profession and education that my parents give me. "Love-life?" hmmm before it is not an issue!, but now it is a part of my life, loving the person who loves me back triple. GOD is always my best friend  in all problems, ups-and down moment.My family is my inspiration and hope.
Finding real happiness in life is like looking your better half in life. The more you expect it the more it wont shows up,but at the least moment you unexpected it, it will come like a lightning striking your way as thunder in the rain.
Icould say I've been through a lot in life but I know that my late dad is watching over me and GOD is with me, giving me blessings and charms in every road I walk into. Live life with a smile each day and happy heart can conquer all your worries and problems and singing a notes under the rain makes your day brighter amidst a storm.
At least were lucky enough than those who lives and sleep in the streets without any shelter and food strive life hungrily.
Love is the main source of all happiness in life, I will say "love makes the world go round", why?, If you love your work you'll take care of it as this is your bread and butter in life at the same time you earn money, if you love your family you will do the best to give it needs, if you love your partner/husband/wife you make the most out of everything to make them happy, and if you love the country, you will lead as the leader to protect the people. In this way, if you want to travel around the globe you will do things with love and fulfillment that will complete you as a person.So, it's the "love" that makes the world go round :) .
 Live life to the fullest! and make the most of is so short so we should make our everyday living a blessings from GOD. Think always positive and never say "never".

"Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which orders do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves."
                                                                                                                                             -Helen Keller